Tuesday, October 24, 2006

of gold and piracy

This comes down to finding the gold or piracy! Fire the cannons or walk the plank! We'll have none of that either or stuff.

Captain MetaMorPHOSIS runs a sleek sailing ship. She's aging at just a tad over five years old now since when I first acquired her. Aging, but runs fast, and close to the wind. I have no plans to make large upgrades to me ship or acquire any new ships to add to ar fleet anytime soon. Besides, I 'aven't even a tupence to buy two loaves of bread.

Java. We don't NORMally drink the black juice from hell. My preference is to turn off the old brewer on board here unless we really need it. It is packed away for now. I'll bring it out if I really need to. And ye, some a ye might go down below to sneak a few sips sometimes. You can chat all ye want with yer Sun-baked Java. We drink pure Hermetically Tainted Magical Liquid up on deck, hear.

Word. We don't NORMally speak the Word of the allgawd awful. We know those nations just to the south, Redmondos and Cupertinos alike. Vast empires of pillage, rap, and mordork. So, do I enter into bondage with these rapscalians and give them the 400 gps for their vulgar Word, or do I seek the Word in wariouz other places like a bloodthirsty pirate. Yes, we'll find ar'selves ar own scriptor to read them cards and treasure maps, sumhow.

Let me know if any of ye scalliwags concur?