Sunday, February 18, 2007

the ice queen shatters

> reprogram

> rollback

> fallback

Among the dozens of laptops, I wave the bios swipe card over the dell/microsoft/linux laptop to reinitialize the bios. The LEDs go out, a pause, the lights blink, another pause, something is wrong. The virus has infected the bios, and the swipe card will do nothing. I back away slowly. All of the computers are infected: the old Apple, my custom built computer. It's the chips themselves that were set up to do this originally in the automated factory with malware in their micro code. There is nothing much I can do now.

I slide down into the courtyard. I sense something. I turn. In an instance, I see her. The Ice Queen is forming. She is dropping quickly, almost instantly from the sky, from her ship. I manifest a metal weapon and immediately throw it at where the Ice Queen is going to land. Just before she lands, and starts to take form, the weapon shatters her presence. I don't how I managed to pick just that particular weapon.

Had she landed, we would have all perished in her presence. I have staved her off for now. It will take her time to rebuild the energy required for that form. And, the malware is still running!


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